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Kontes SEO Terbaru Desember 2013 - Januari dan Februari 2014

Kontes SEO Terbaru Desember 2013 - Januari dan Februari 2014
Meeting with the founder Seo Terapi reminds me with the idea to provide input criticize one online contest . Little opinion " SEO Contest and 3 things that (supposedly ) important " in working on social media contest in order to generate appropriate contest made ​​/ close to the expected target .

As a result, of course, the rules must be selective and a bit tight . High Impact Low budget , this is not expected from a digital campaign ?

SEO contest ever entered its heyday , when it was yet sehappening social network now , with his Twitter micro - blog was still inhabited by the early adopters who elu Lu Again Again . Nowadays SEO contest to be more effective and efficient , because the use of media as a way of promotion contests are becoming clearer .

Awareness selected for twitter , because it is faster than facebook or blog media . Engagement held facebook because here the user more easily talk even so easy Like feature is also a matter of engagement point . Then , what about SEO ?

I agree with Tuhu , SEO will be used to build the trust of consumers , promotion is more fitting as used for premium products that buyers require a great deal of consideration ! before buying or type of product you want to get exclusive image . For example : dominate " culinary legend Nusatara Story " for culinary products , or " solid gold futures " trading for investment services .
Local SEO Less Bite

No, no, not the skill of the artist in Indonesia SEO weak but way less elegant way . Although the much-needed positive article actually supports a depressing product but more of a ' home ' for . Articles made ​​just a formality , just reinforcing the existence of target keywords , SEO ranking is intended only - search engine result page - no matter how the quality of articles in the eyes of readers .

If the quality of the article alone can not be enjoyed by readers of how messages can be delivered and the goals can be achieved ? when it's like that, is whether better choose the contest article course ? although a few readers that you can reach at least the message is acceptable .
Score must be Cover as Follow

or rather restore the relevance of the contest down the track . SEO contest in order to be made ​​more relevant and meaningful to the reader + articles reviewed were beneficial to the brand , I ( try to ) make a few parameters and benchmarks for the SEO contest participants . That should not be overlooked is , every parameter can not stand alone :

Rank On Page - It is certainly present in the SERP became the first search engine result page so indispensable factor . But ( you should not ) not only won the first ranking general , because information searcher usually seek from the first page ( 1 ) to three ( 3 ) .
Visit in terms of Google - takes google analytics sharing between participants and organizers so that monitoring visit by terms can be monitored . then analyzed the amount of incoming traffic based on the main keyword that follows contested inheritance keyword .
Reach, Context , Goals - As with any contest made ​​article , there is scope , context and goals to be achieved from the manufacture of the article. Some parameters can be monitored with the visit length for the intended goal engagement , because (in my opinion ) the interaction not only in the form of comments , the number of clicks generated from articles that were made to be a reference , of course with the help of Google URL Builder .

Well , while in terms of SEO contest participants , three things above can cause complications when writing articles can not be home for Bold , italic origin let alone accumulate many more keywords aka keyword stuffing . Still more ways to build backlinks can no longer make use Scrapebox or spamming other tools because of visitors coming from referrals could be reducing the number of visits of length .

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[2014-01-10 03:16] rgopoker :

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[2014-01-08 16:34] :

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